Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Castles and Caves

Well, it's that time again... the Easter holidays. Time for me to break from uni and earn myself some money to supplement my student loan. I work in Smugglers Adventure Caves and Hastings Castle. My first day at the Castle, it was a beautiful day, the sky was blue and I took these photos of the Castle and the views.

The remains of the church

The Eastern view from the castle.

The church archway

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the original castle grounds have been lost to the sea. Over two thirds of the grounds, including the castle keep, slipped into the sea when the cliffs receded in the 1800's... which just goes to show how much our coast is ever-changing. The church, East gate and dungeons are still standing, and on a sunny and clear day the views from the castle are lovely. I'm looking forward to working in the castle again, and spending some of my summer days working in the sunshine!

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