Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Gorillas and Tigers and Elephants, Oh My! A Day at Howletts Zoo

Well, I've had a few days off work this week and decided to spend them productively so I have been busy busy busy! Yesterday I had my eyes tested and needed some new glasses so I shopped around and found myself some lovely DKNY frames, only £35 in the sale in Boots Opticians. For the past two years I have had black plastic specs and decided for something ever so slightly different and went for a red pair.

Today me and my younger sister took a little drive out to Howletts for a day at the zoo! Having only been to Port Lympne out of the two Aspinall founded zoos I thought it was about time I visited Howletts as well. The elephants were brilliant, and we got to see them at just the right time: they had just been fed and were all close to the front of the enclosure munching away. There was a huge matriarch elephant, adult, teenager and a baby elephant. The younger elephants were having a bit of a play and run around; unaware that their play was entertaining us all.

The rhino enclosures and safari are the highlights at Port Lympne zoo. But at Howletts, by a long way, the gorillas were the stars of the show. The Silverbacks, (who, by the way, were more than just a little bit smelly - the female gorillas must like it) were really impressive and quite happy showing off, banging the metal slides, thumping their chests and swinging the ropes. The other gorillas were either lazing around grazing through the hay for hidden food, or were at the edge of the enclosure seemingly just as interested in us as we are in them. The youngsters in particular enjoyed people-watching, and one little fella posed for ages while I took a few photos.

I highly recommend Howletts if you enjoy the gorillas, monkeys and lemurs, but if you are more of a tigers, lions and rhinos lover then Port Lympne is the place for you! Or, if you are feeling particularly greedy, go for the annual pass and visit both zoos as many times as you like!
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