Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Soap and Glory - Glorious Indeed!

I've been wanting to try out some of the Soap and Glory range for a while now, it's retro and fun and has some great products. So I was very happy to get a lovely set of Soap and Glory products from my sister for Christmas. I've never been one for having a huuuuge skincare and beauty regime, instead I have a few firm favourite products that I use... and I have decided that I love this range. It's reasonably priced, but still feels a bit special and it's delicately fragranced, smells good enough to eat, but not too overpowering.

Not only are the products great themselves, but they also have fun names too, like these "Off Your Face" cleansing facial wipes. These little delights do the job nicely and, unlike most facial wipes, they didn't leave my face feeling dry or greasy, so I was pleasently surprised.

Hand Food hand cream - This is a great hand cream. Most other hand creams leave my hands feeling soft but very greasy. But Hand Food smells delicious and with only a small amount, my hands feel moisturised and gorgeous!
Girligo moisturising body spray - Again, this product has the same gorgeous and delicious scent as most other products in the range, which is really good as it allows me to layer up the different products and get the most out of them without having a big ol' clash of scents. I've never used moisturiser in a spray form before, but I think I prefer it to all the lotions and potions. It's much easier to apply, none of the fuss of scooping the creams, lotions and potions, just a handy little spritz! It did make my skin feel lovely, and even if it felt as though it didn't last throughout the whole day, the luscious scent was still there! :)

So, in essence, I'm a new fan of Soap and Glory and I will be expanding my Soap and Glory shelf in my bathroom rapidly! Which are your favourite products?


daisychain said...

I love their products, especially the face wipes and also their hocus focus lotion x

Gem said...

I love Soap and Glory products. There are a few sets on sale on the asos site at the moment.
The shower wash is the best, it smells so fruity and it's very moisturising too

Oh, My Darling said...

What fun packaging, too!