Saturday, 4 December 2010

50's Dresses For The Party Season!

The party season is now upon us! It's almost Christmas and New Year and there will be a multitude of occasions where a pretty dress is required. There's nothing I love more than an absolutely gorgeous 50's halter neck circle dress. I've got a beautiful black and white musical notes 50's circle dress that I cannot wait to unveil this Christmas! But if you havn't already got one knocking about in your wardrobe just dying to be worn for the party season, then there are some lovely ones over at Vivien Holloway!

Masquerade Print 50's Circle Dress

Skeleton Print 50's Circle dress

Skulls Print 50's Circle Dress
This one is possibly my favourite (I know, shock horror! It outranks the polka dot print!?)... If only I had the funds for such a delightful dress!

Red Heart Print 50's Circle Dress

Blue Anchor Print 50's Circle Dress


Unknown said...

Vivien of Holloway's stuff is AWESOME! It's amazing in the flesh too - no I'm not lucky enough to own anything :(

Abbie said...

It's so gorgeous!! But alas... I, like you, do not own anything either.... but I plan on rectifying that, I'll save the pennies one by one until I have one of those dresses in my wardrobe!

Nathina said...

I am in LOVE with the dress at the top of the page!! :)

Anonymous said...

How do you go about ordering one of these beautiful dresses?