Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The German Christmas Market in Leeds

This week I visited the German Christmas Market in Leeds with my lovely friend Tilly. I had a great time and it really made everything start to seem really Christmassy! There are always gorgeously scrummy things to eat and pretty things to buy... Here are a few of my festive photos to document the event!

THAT'S a lot of Nutella! I couldn't resist a banana and nutella crepe!

Tilly with her cherry and chocolate crepe

I bought myself a toasty warm winter hat from this stall last year

Christmas Pudding Hat

Cupcake Hat

Nutcrackers... they kind of freak me out a little bit... it's those weird exposed teeth and beards...

It wouldnt possibly be a German Christmas Market without a few German sausages!

Mulled wine and Christmassy Coca Cola!

I didn't get myself one this time around, I already had garlic bread and yummy crepe in my tummy, but last year I bought a couple of these great huge chocolate covered marshmallows!

When me and Tilly couldnt take the freezing cold temperatures of the Christmas Market we ventured along to All Bar One for a warm drink and some dinner... Tilly's latte came with a shot of smarties! How cute!

You can't beat a good homemade burger!


Maria Fallon said...

Aww Abbie looks like you had a fab time! I love love love the christmas markets - went for the third time this year today! Stuffed my face. Standard!
Would also love to try All Bar One- that shot of Smarties has persuaded me to seek one out!


Maria Fallon said...

Aaw Abbie looks like you had a fab time! I love the christmas markets- went for the third time this year today! Stuffed my face...standard.
Also wanted to try out All Bar One for a while now, that shot of smarties has sealed the deal!


Unknown said...

I've been a few times I love it! Esepcially like the marshmallows, I got a gingerbread one :) xx

I heart cupcakes said...

I'm SO jealous - this one looks great. The one on the South Bank is a little blah.
The garlic bread there was it called Knobi bread? my favourite German food ever

Unknown said...

There's just something so joyous about a Christmas Market! Once Edinburgh's stopped being an ice rink, I'll be popping up toen to ours!

Abbie said...

I literally look forward to the Christmas market each year for the garlic bread... it's out-of-this-world gooood!

Hooray for Christmas market fesitivities!

daisychain said...

that looks amazing! If my brother hasn't already been, I'm making sure he does (to buy my xmas present haha)

Nicola said...

I love the Christmas Market in Leeds. I went a few years ago and got a brie and cranberry pretzel, it was divine.

The Caked Crusader said...

Lovely photos - looks like you had an awesome time!

QuixoticRepose said...

Abbie, I love the market pics! Looks like a bash! The winter hat vendor, happen to have any contact info? I'd love to get one of her/his rainbow ones!


Abbie said...

Unfortunately not, but the stall is there every year in leeds :)