Sunday, 19 December 2010

An Icy Walk Through The Country Park!

Whenever I'm back home, I love taking my parent's black labrador, Rufus, out for walks across the country park and the cliffs. This morning's walk was not the usual though... the heavy hailstones yesterday and the freezing temperatures overnight transformed the green hills into one big block of ice!

The wooded area wasn't as icy

Rufus loved the ice and happily slid and ran around on it, blissfully unaware of the dark clouds threatening to snow again!

The Country park was really beautiful with the layer of ice and snow

The steps back down... THE definition of "treacherous"!
But, Rufus was very good and walked close by me and waited patiently, checking that I was ok... bless him! I was very glad that I borrowed my mums metal spiked boots... if I hadn't, I would have definitely fallen down several times!


Unknown said...

Rufus is awesome, can't wait to see you all (and him) on Wednesday.

Abbie said...

He certainly is! He bloody loved it too! :D Canny wait til Wednesday!!! xx

Unknown said...

Looks so pretty! xx

heartshapedbruise. said...

That certainly does look treacherous!
I've not been tempted out - I see this weather as an excuse to stay at home in my pjs..