Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Fair in the Old Town

I do love going home for Christmas, it's always a nice break from university, but it's lovely to see the family again and be back in my home town. We all went out for a jolly jaunt in the Old Town and there happened to be a little Christmas fair in the Highstreet, and here are some of the photos I took of the festivities!

Homemade holly wreath

My mum, all wrapped up warm and loving the "Made in Hastings" window display

Interior Illusions wintery window display

Some random items on offer from the antique shops

How cute is this gingerbread and buttons house!

The festive window display in the dolls house shop :)

One of my favourite shops in the old town... and surprise, surprise, they sell Cath Kidston stock, cupcake-themed items and polka dotty delights!

Polka dotted bow tie penguins in Penny Royal's window


Jaymie said...

oh wow I love things like this.
makes me feel all warm and festive.
that gingerbread house is adorable!
Jaymie x

Love Web Design said...

Hi Abbie, I love this, and it has helped me alot, as I am currently working on the last images for the Penny Royal website. So thank you for letting me find your very well optimised post. :)

Sarah @ Love Web Design