Sunday, 13 February 2011

Vintage Specs - 50s Eyewear

I love my glasses. I don't think I could really be persuaded to convert to contact lenses. My optician tries every time I go for an eye test and every time I can't bring myself to take the plunge. Mainly because putting things near my eyes freaks me out, it's expensive and I think I look a bit odd without glasses on! The only thing that I think could possibly persuade me to go for contacts is if my eyesight gets any worse and I need stronger glasses - currently my prescription is somthing like -8/9 in each eye (if that even means anything to you non-glasses wearing folk!) and the lenses are getting rather thick! But put simply, the world looks a bit like the photo below without my glasses on... I can't see people's faces unless their inches away from me and I certainly couldn't cross the road without running the risk of getting hit by a car. But anyway, I digress - here are some pretty vintage specs for you...

Vintage 50's Eyewear - Etsy Shop

Vintage Blue Eye Cat Glasses - £50
I love this pair of specs. They're not too over the top, a lovely colour and quite similar style to glasses I usually go for, but with the 50's style wings.

Vintage Satin Cream Cat Eye Glasses - £60
I love these vintage frames, but I know for a fact that I couldn't pull them off, but no doubt there are many people out there who can!


daisychain said...

Ooh glasses inspiration!

Lisa in Canada said...

I will take them all!!!!! ;)

Claire said...

Gorgeous! I can't pull cats eyes glasses off!
But I's love some!