Monday, 7 February 2011

Dollydagger - Scrumptiously Shiny Shoes!

After a tough day of placement I came home to see an email from my beloved Dollydagger announcing the arrival of new shoes. Now, I'm absolutely beyond useless with anything that even resembles a heel (despite, at 4'9'', really needing any extra height I can get!) but that doesn't stop me appreciating the aesthetics of a scrumptiously shiny shoe! How gorgeous are these shiny red Melissa flipflops with a cute little bow on! They're also available in black and... get this... they smell like bubblegum! Bonus!

I love Dollydagger's more classic, simple (and super shiny) shoes like the silver and red Mary-Jane shoes above and the Melissa Patchuli blue peeptoes! But I also love their more eccentric styled shoes like the Miss L Fire sapphire and garland shoes along with the exceedingly cute Maitai Cherry Wedges! Now all I need to do is a) increase my bank balance dramatically and b) learn to walk in heels without breaking my neck and/or ankles in the process!


daisychain said...

I have major shoe cravings at the moment. Your not helping!

Engelbert's Mum said...

I love Dollydagger - I have their cherry earrings and they always get comments when I wear them