Sunday, 27 February 2011

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Vivien of Holloway Dresses!

To kickstart your week with a bit of dotty delight I have some gorgeous red polka dot dresses for your viewing pleasure! One of my favourite shops in Leeds (and I only say "one of" because a Cath Kidston shop opened up recently and I literally cannot go into Leeds without oggling the beautiful things it harbours inside...) is Rose and Co. I wrote a guest post on my sister's blog (The Style PA) about it a while ago - Vintage Treats in Leeds. Not only do they have th most wonderful apothecary style shop on the main floor, they also have a whole world of gorgeousness if you go downstairs... they stock the most amazing polka dot dresses by the likes of Vivien of Holloway along with some vintage inspired hosiery and lingerie too. But for now lets just focus on the GORGEOUS polka dot dresses!

Dose number one!
Red Polka Dot Halter Dress - £69-99
How amazingly gorgeous is this halter dress?! VERY! I absolutely adore the vintage 50's style and the full circle skirt... not to mention the obvious love for the polka dot fabric! Also, if red isn't your colour but you don't want to sacrifice the polka dot design... then it comes in 9 different dotty designs! Which, I might add, is completely and utterly brilliant. Red and black, black and red, blue and white, pink and black, multi-coloured spots, spots large and small... I'll stop here before I get a bit too carried away! Basically you've got a plethora of polka dotty choices at your disposal.

Dose number two!
Polka Dot Tea Dress - £59
Here's yet another beautiful dotty delight courtesy of Vivien of Holloway. This time it's a lovely 40's style tea dress. I love this style of dress and it's actually quite a flattering cut on me. As much as I adore the 50's style of dosage numero uno, the shape only serves to accentuate my rather large bum a little too much for my liking! This lovely tea dress, alas, does not have the same multitude of polka dot fabric choices as the previous dress. However, it does come in a range of floral designs if polka dots aren't your thing (shock, horror! How could that be so?!)

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