Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Simple Shoes... simply brilliant!

Sometime before Christmas I won a Simple Shoes competition, and I won a free pair of shoes from their website of my choice. Since my shoes arrived I have been wearing them almost everyday, for around 6 months... and I can honestly say that they are the comfiest shoes I have ever worn! Also, for them to survive 6 months of solid wear is impressive - by now any other shoe of mine would have split or worn away inside leading to pain, blisters and misery. But they still feel just as comfortable as the day the delightful shoes arrived with the postman.
The great thing about Simple Shoes is that they only use recycled or sustainable materials to make their shoes. They make buttons out of coconut shells, recycled carpet padding to make the shoes extra squishy and soft inside, they use recycled plastic bottles, and recycled car tyres for the outer soles to name but a few of the materials. So, really there are no reasons why you shouldn't be a Simple Shoes convert: the shoes are comfy, made from eco-friendly materials and processes, hard-wearing, and look great! I have got my next pair of Simple Shoes lined up and ready to go (shoes below) for when the ones I've got at the moment decide to give out... but they have already survived over 6 months of wear so I might be waiting a long time before I get to wear the new ones!

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Anne said...

Great shoes! Where on earth did you get those cute polka-dot shoelaces? I can't find them on the Simple Shoes website.