Monday, 26 April 2010

Recycling newspaper doesn't have to be a chore

On my little commute into central London this morning I noticed the Metro newspapers scattered in every train carriage and on the station and it made me think... how many thousands of Metro's are thrown away every day? There must be a better was of using all this paper than simply throwing it away. My boyfriend recycled some of his old NME magazines he had lying around by revamping his guitar. So, instead of throwing your newspaper away or sorting it into recycling bins, recycle it a little closer to home.

It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, and almost anything can be transformed with a few pages of newspaper and a little sprinkling of creativity. Here are some of the ideas other people have come up with to recycle newspapers and put them to good use on to get your creative juices flowing...

EsmeDodsworthDesign makes pendants with decoupaged newspaper letters.
SewDanish makes newspaper woven baskets.

RushofWings makes biodegradable newspaper seedling pots.

JustLiv made this cute newspaper bow alice band.

ThailandCraft makes these brilliant little models out of the newspapers.


Unknown said...

Great Ideas!!!

Denise @ Swelle said...

I've also wondered what happens to all of those papers! There are some really neat things here. I keep saying I'm going to use old papers and magazines instead of gift wrap, I just have to think it out before I find myself needing to run out the door to some party! said...

What cute ideas.

Mac Shyha said...


How did your boyfriend put those newspaper pages on a guitar? I'm very interested as I'd love to do similar thing.


Abbie said...

Hi Mac,

He sanded down the original cover for the guitar and then glued the magazines in place. Once that had dried he coated them in several layers of varnish to protect them. Good luck with yours!