Saturday, 24 April 2010

I love Oliver Bonas - kitchenware

I'm currently staying in London with my sister and I have discovered the joys of Oliver Bonas... there are so many lovely things I want for my kitchen! They have such a lovely range of the good old kitchenware basics and the quirky, cute and beautiful that I really just can't help myself! Here are a few of my favourite items from the website:

Polka dot milk pan - I'm pretty sure that a hot chocolate prepared in this delightful pan would taste far better than one prepared in an ordinary pan...
Spatula Chopping Board - I love silicone spatulas, they are so much better than wooden spoons, virtually indestructible and colourful!
Cupcake cases set - every self respecting cupcake would want to be adorned with one of these lovely cupcake cases!
Regency cake stand - The perfect stand to serve my next batch of coconut and cherry cupcakes on I think.

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