Saturday, 23 July 2011

*She Was a Rollerskater, Rollerskating All of the Day*

I got these little delights from the wonderful Rokit Vintage! I was eyeing them up after the blogger event at Rokit HQ back in April. I've been wanting some roller skates for a while now, so I could relive my childhood. I had some neon pink and yellow liquorice all sorts roller skates as a child, but I'm not sure I could pull those off nowadays! You lovely lot helped me decide on buying these great skates when I asked you to cast your votes in a previous blog post... and I'm so very glad you steered me towards getting the roller skates. They're fab!

One of my best friends has some roller blades and so we headed over to a nice spot on Bexhill sea front so I could give the skates a whirl (in a relatively quiet area so if I fell over I wouldn't have a massive audience!). The weather was gorgeous too, despite the ominous looking clouds in the photo.

After some serious skating an ice cream was in order! A good waffle cone, whippy ice cream and a flake went down a treat!

I did manage to incur a slight skating injury... but not when I was whizzing up and down the promenade... I actually fell over and cut my legs after coming to a stop and looking out to sea by the railings. The lovely Joanne captured the moment here for me! Thanks... not my most glamorous moment I have to say! :D


Claire said...

I voted for the rollerskates!
Looks so much fun!

daisychain said...

I want some rollerskates!

Laura Darling said...

I have zero coordination on anything with wheels, so I admire your skill despite your one fall!

Unknown said...

Lucky you didn't fall into the sea. Looks like fun though :)

Maria Fallon said...

YAY for rollerskates, I never had any though so I would be constantly falling over! :P

Maria xxx

dulci said...


Unknown said...

The skates are ace! I CANNOT rollerskate at all. It's embarassing how bad I am!