Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Adventures in Krakow... Fantastyczny!

Some of you may have noticed that All About Abbie posts have been a tad thin on the ground of late... and the reason is this: I've been off adventuring in Poland. I travelled to Krakow to teach Polish children in a summer school based in the Czech Republic. But before and after the summer camp we had a chance to explore Krakow and enjoy the city.

The city is absolutely beautiful. There is so much to do and see! If you are ever in Poland I highly recommend a visit to Krakow. St Mary's Basilica is one of the main historical buildings in the main square, along with the amazing Cloth Hall.

Every hour, on the hour, a trumpeter plays out of each window of the tower. The trumpeter stops abruptly mid-way through the trumpet signal to commemorate the famous 13th century trumpeter who was shot in the throat before he could sound the alarm during the Mongol attack on the city.

Our hostel was a 20 minute walk from the main square so, a few days, after a long day of walking and exploring, we hopped onto a tram to save our poor aching feet.

We visited the Salt Mines.... yeah sounds a bit dull, but, do not be fooled. They were amazing!! The cavern above was carved entirely out of solid salt and rock. The sculptures and caverns were amazing! Even the chandeliers we made from salt crystals.

Love this crochet covered bike!

The main square was always buzzing with activity and there were always entertainers around. This guy was brilliant!

Gorgeous chocolate cake!

Fudge tart and ice cream!

Posing inside the head statue on the main square

On our penultimate day in poland we had a magical horse and carriage ride around the city. It was only £5 each! We felt like royalty :)

The beautiful Cloth Hall from the view of the St Mary's Basilica tower! We climbed up the hundreds of steps to have a bird's eye view of the sqaure and the rest of Krakow and it was totally worth it!

A gorgeous church I spotted on our walk to Oscar Schindler's factory and museum across the river.

We had a lovely little rest by the river with a view of wawel, the oldest part of the city where the palace, castle, basilica and "dragon's den" is located. I would heartily recommend a trip to Poland. The weather was gorgeous, the architecture was lovely and we had such a brilliant time... Fantastyczny! :D


Unknown said...

Crochet bikes for Snapped in the Street?

Maria Fallon said...

This looks beautiful, definitely on my places to visit list!

Maria xxx

Herdiana Surachman said...

you had a fun holidays and the food, cupcakes ahhh i envy you hihihi