Friday, 29 July 2011

Flights of Fancy! New Cath Kidston Print... British Bird!

How very exciting! Cath Kidston have created a gorgeous new print, entitled, "British Bird". Here's what the lovely folk over at Cath Kidston have to say about the newbie in their collection of beautiful prints... "Bird prints make their fashion debut this season with a stunning new print from Cath Kidston featuring a "British Bird" on a selection of must have accessories. Available in a contemporary charcoal colour palette and adopting a vintage wallpaper style, these are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit".

The Beautiful British Birds messenger bag - £40.
This is my favourite in the new collection!

British Birds Holdall - £85

Bird Stone Clasp Purse - £12

British Birds Walking Umbrella - £30

British Birds Printed Shawl - £48

Bird Needlepoint Frame Bag - £65

Which is your favourite?


Alexandra said...

I will have one of each thanks. : )

Maria Fallon said...

I LOVE this print, I will definitely be checking this out!

Maria xxx