Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Feature Wallpaper... Polka Dots, Birds and Flowers!

I'm getting a little bit excited about moving soon. I'm going to have a space that I can, for the first time, decorate however I like! I've been thinking about giving the rooms a little bit of personality after only ever being able to decorate in "neutral" colours... i.e. magnolia, cream, beige etc etc... so I want to inject a little bit of colour and life onto the walls. But at the same time, I don't want to overpower the space, so I've been looking into some lovely feature wallpaper.

Belle-Rose Polka Dot range
Naturally as a polka dot obsessive, I've been looking into getting some polka dotty feature wallpaper, I love the red one, but I also like the slightly less space-dominating grey polka dots too.

Bookshelf Wallpaper
I adore this bookshelf wallpaper. I would love to have this on one wall in my study/mini-library. It'd only be a small amount as it is quite a dark colour, not to mention it's £70 a roll!

Isabelle Wallpaper - Graham and Brown
I love this wallpaper and it's not too pricey either at £30 a roll.

Cath Kidston Antique Rose Wallpaper
Of course I had a little look the trusty Cath Kidston website to see what wallpaper was on offer there, and I found this gorgeous print.

Louise Body Wallpapers
I adore Louise Body's wallpaper designs. In particular these bird-themed wallpapers.

Willow Tree Wallpaper - House To Home
I really like this willow tree design. It wouldn't match any of my colour schemes at the moment and would be much better in a warmer colour.

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