Tuesday, 14 July 2009

getting creative with a needle and thread!

This is the first little blog post I have done about the bits and bobs I have been making for my Etsy shop, and I think it is about time too! I have been taking a different route slightly... and have gone away from painting and drawing and have decided to have a go at creating a few bits with my trusty needle and thread. Neither of the bits are completely finished but they are my starting point. I thought I would share them with all you lovely people through my blog. Please let me know what you think, I would welcome your comments and feedback.

The polka dot, bows and buttons purse

I'm planning on recycling a few old tops and t-shirts to make a few more pieces to sell in my Etsy shop (follow the link on the right to check out some of my pieces that I'm selling). I've drawn up a few ideas and hopefully I can make a start on them tonight

flowers purse

Also, one quick thing... I really want one of these for my baking! Every good batch of cupcakes deserves to sit beautifully on a polka dot cake stand!
polka dot cake stand

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