Monday, 29 June 2009

Raspberry and White Chocolate Brownies!

Cookbook For Girls - Dorling Kindersley

Well, I have got a new cook book, and I tested out a lovely little recipe a few days ago. I love making my own dark chocolate brownies, but I was dying to try out the white chocolate and raspberry brownies in my new little recipe book. Being a lover of those beautiful little things that are Millies cookies (my favourites being the white chocolate and raspberry kind!), I knew that these brownies would be delicious.

the finished product!.... scrummy!

To my delight, after a few warm brownies and ice cream, I still had some raspberries left over. I decided to finish off the day with a nice homemade Raspberry and lime cocktail by the pool. Lime juice, vodka, lemonade, a few crushed raspberries and a raspberry to decorate... Gorgeous!

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Unknown said...

They look scrummy! I might have to try the recipe myself.