Sunday, 14 June 2009

My adventures in cupcake land

I recently recieved a brilliant little recipe book for my birthday, entitled 'Cupcakes'. Three guesses for what's inside... Its written by Susanna Tee, who has already published a string of successful cupcake recipe books. Her Introductory statement sums up the book quite nicely,
"Whipping up a batch of beautiful cupcakes could not be simpler or more fulfilling wih this diverse collection of recipes celebrating a vey special little cake. Whether seeking an aternative to the traditional wedding cake, or baking good old lemon butterfly cakes, this little cupcake cornucopia will not disappoint."

I had a free sunday and decided to try some of the recipes out. As soon as I had flicked through the book, a few of the recipes jumped out at me and I couldnt wait to give them a trial run. Being a lover of chocolate and coconut (not necessarily together but it's an added bonus if so!) I had to try out the Coconut Cherry Cakes and the Warm Molten-Centered Chocolate Cupcakes.

The Warm Molten-Chocolate Cupcakes

Both were equally delicious; I served the molten-chocolate cupcakes shortly after taking them out of the oven so as to best appreciate the warm gooey chocolate centre... (divine!) and allowed the coconut cherry cupcakes to cool before adding butter icing and a cherry on top (gorgeous!)

The Coconut Cherry Cupcakes

My trouble when buying cook books is that I only ever make two or three of the recipes and then it ends up at the back of a kitchen cupboard, but this little book of delights will definitely be well used, and I recommend it to any lover of baking or cupcakes.

Next on my list to bake from 'Cupcakes': Frosted Peanut butter Cupcakes, Shredded Orange Cupcakes and the Banana and Pecan Cupcakes... so watch this space. (best that I spread these cupcake baking sessions out over a few months else I may have to alter my polka dot dresses to accomodate them!)

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