Friday, 17 July 2009

Handmade teaching resources

I have just found out which school I will be placed in for my third year of primary teacher training... and it has got me enthusiastic about building up a bank of ideas for lessons and teaching materials. When preparing for lessons, I find myself using the internet to search for teaching resources, but it's always difficult to find exactly what I want and need. So I have resorted to using my creative side to make my own resources a lot of the time as it saves so much time and effort (and sanity) because, quite often, it takes me less time to make something than it does trawling the web...

So I thought I would compile a few little gems I have found whilst (ironically) trawling the internet. I also thought I would showcase a few nice pieces by my fellow Etsians. This little Etsy shop sells teaching resources made from felt: Edufelt and More. I particularly like this little set to help teach "The Very Hungry Caterpiller". This lovely little felt set would be a really nice resource to help young children sequence events in a story and use as visual aids for their writing.

I also really like this very cute, sign to hang up in the classroom. Made by Bumblebina, another Etsy seller. When I do (eventually) finish my teacher training I would love one of these little signs to hang in my classroom.

Oh... and I really like this bag.

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Unknown said...

Wow, great finds. Those Etsy peeps are so talented. I daren't start looking as who knows how I will stop myself from spending a fortune!