Sunday, 19 July 2009

My latest Etsy Creations!

Well my lovely bloggers, I have spent my evening surrounded by canvases and up to my elbows in paint... All in the name of Etsy! I was commisioned to do a painting and I was on a bit of a roll and ended up painting for three hours straight and completing five paintings. So I thought I would share them with you.

Blue dress with buttons, bows and polka dots

Purple eyes with purple eyeliner (SOLD)
Chocolate Cupcake with blue polka dots

Cherry Cupcake with red polka dots

Multi-coloured crayons

I'm planning on getting them all up for sale in my Etsy shop ( as soon as possible. I also have lots more ideas, paint and canvases left, and hopefully on my next day off I will begin my next series of paintings.

Please check out my shop and the items I have for sale. Thanks, Abbie.


Unknown said...

Wow wow wow, these are fab!

tam said...

I love the cherry cupcake one x x

Helenography said...

My favourites are the blue dress and the crayolas. I want the crayolas for my wall someday. It's awesome.

Abbie said...

why thank you! :D The Crayola painting is in my dining room at the moment, I made a matching clock as well, I'm open to offers for it... just send me a tweet or reply if you have just got to have it! :) xxx