Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wedding Ideas: Scrabble or Lego?

I am a massive fan of Scrabble! My favourite necklace is a scrabble "geek" necklace, and I would love to bring a little bit of Scrabble into the wedding celebrations somehow. I really like some of the ideas above.

 Danny is a massive Lego enthusiast and has kept every brick of his (precious) Lego since he was a child. So it would only be right to have Lego versions of us on top of our cake! Though, of course, I'd have to customise the Lego wedding dress so that it was polka dot!

There are some really lovely Lego themed wedding cakes out there too...

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Unknown said...

I reckon scrabble feels more wedding appropriate. Lots of cute things you could do with the letters.