Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mad Men - I'm Mad About Their Style!

I know I am completely behind the times, but I've just caught up with the amazing series, Mad Men. I recently bought the series 1-4 boxset and have proceded to devour every episode. I love the style of the programme - but I particularly love the three main female character's outfits... oh and the womanising escapades of the handsome Donald Draper of course!

I love how completely different, Betty, Peggy and Joan's styles are... and if I were to say which style I was closest to, it'd have to be a mixture of Betty and Peggy. I'd love to be able to wear some of the gorgeous dresses that Joan wears but alas, I certainly haven't got the amazing figure to pull it off!

I love lots of the 50's dresses Betty wears, particularly in the first couple of series!

Joan's look favours figure-hugging dresses... I love the blue one above!

Which Man Men character sums up your vintage style best?

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