Sunday, 21 November 2010

Double Dose of Polka Dots - Cath Kidston

As some of my Twitter followers are aware, I will be starting my final year teaching placement tomorrow... (excited! nervous!)... as a teacher I find that I constantly carry half of my life around with me, and it gets pretty heavy, and hard work! So naturally a little bit of polka dotty Cath Kidston eases the load immensly!

Dose numero uno! I love anything in the Cath Kidston "Spot" design and this gorgeous Holdall cannot fail to accomodate all of my folders, planning, laptop and of course my lunchbox!

Dose numero dos! Laptops are invariably very dull-looking (unless you splash out on a posh and pretty one!) so I like to keep mine looking pretty in a blue floral sleeve. I love this Cath Kidston Spot laptop sleeve for £22


daisychain said...

Oh that still my beating heart.

ReeRee Rockette said...

Good luck with your placement. Years ago I completed a four year teaching degree and remember the nerves of starting a new placement!

Abbie said...

Thanks! It's going great so far, Reception is such a lovely age to teach :) I'm in the same school I was in last year and all of the staff are wonderful so it has eased the nerves quite a lot! xx

Steph said...

Im so desperate for that cath kidston bag. I got such a pretty purse for my birthday from my boyfriends parents. Just overpriced though! :( x