Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Home - Red Polka Dots!

Apologies for the distinct lack of blogging of late... I've just started my teaching post and I'm loving it, but it does leave me with less time for blogging! But not only is my new career reducing my amount of blogging... but I'm also in the process of moving house! It's rather exciting as it's the first time we've been able to decorate our home exactly as we'd like! So naturally there are polka dots galore...

Giant Red Polka Dot Teacup Planter - £24.99
Our new place has some lovely big window sills and I've earmarked one of the big ones for a lovely giant teacup planter... all I need now is a pretty plant!

Red Polka Dot Lamp Shade - £28
The bedroom has a red polka dot theme, and this little lampshade would set it all off a treat!

Polka Dot Bird and Heart Hooks - £7.50
How cute are these little hooks, I'm thinking a little trip to Brighton is in order to pop into Velvet in the lanes to purchase them.

Polka Dot Bird Book Ends - £12
Our study is going to have a wall of bookcases and these delightful pair would look lovely propping up my hundreds of beloved books! (p.s. down with Kindles!)


Yuri said...

I have a red teapot with white polka dots and I love it! It definitely brightens up the kitchen and the day :)

Ashley said...

LOVE all the polka dots ! Looks SO cute ! x

miss b said...

I just love polka dots and those birds are so cute. Having once been an NQT I can see why you have no time to blog!!