Monday, 16 May 2011

Maison Moschino, Milan - I Want to Stay at This Hotel!

I have officially fallen in love with this hotel: Maison Moschino in Milan - not that I'd ever be able to afford it mind you! The hotel is set amongst the historical, artistic and fashionable heart of Milan in a neoclassical railway station building constructed in 1840. The rooms each have their own distinctive style and fairy tale theme... I particularly love the Sleeping in a Ballgown and Sweet Rooms... Which room is your favourite?

The whole concept of this room is so dreamy! I love it.

How cute are these cakey cushions!

Do you think they'd charge more if I ate the chandelier?

Tw-it tw-oo


Aoife Blake said...

Oh my gosh!!! Can we got here, like, now? Please????

Jewel said...

Wow that's beautiful! I love the roses and hearts! I bet its hugely expensive to stay there though :( x

Abbie said...

They didn't show any prices on the website so I'm guessing it's so far out of my price range it's unreal! Totally amazing though!!

Hayley said...

I think my favourite room is the sweetie room, although the red dress is a close second. Now I need to start hinting where I want to go

Danni said...

Oh. my. god.
Whoever was the creative director for this hotel was a GENIUS.
My head tells me I should like the sweetie room the most, but there's something about those trees in the woodland room that I love. x