Saturday, 21 May 2011

I Just Love Scrabble!

I Love Scrabble... Me and my sisters without fail, every Christmas, sit down to some epic games of Scrabble. The world seems to share my love for geeky game and has incorporated it into all kinds of lovely things! Like my wonderful "Geek" Scrabble necklace courtesy of Miss Holly's Boutique over at Rokit Vintage... I also really want the Scrabble sofas and the Garden Scrabble!

My Lovely Geek Scrabble Necklace - Miss Holly's Boutique at Rokit Vintage

Tweet Scrabble Necklace - Craftorama

Scrabble Ring - Mandy Fisher

Scrabble Mug - Retro To Go

Scrabble Keyboard - Datamancer

Garden Scrabble! - Big Plastic Head

Scrabble Sofa - Bedzine

Chocolate Scrabble - Serious Eats

Scrabble Business Card Holder - Oh My Darling


Megan said...

I love scrabble so much too! I've never lost a game! (Then again I've only ever played against my super competitive boyfriend haha)

I really love the outdoor scrabble board though, that's fantastic and I want one when I get a house of my own <3

Jewel said...

I'm making scrabble frames to sell in my folksy shop! Have you seen scrabble cufflinks too?! They are fabulous, I love scrabble too! x

Abbie said...

Ooh! Sounds lovely! You'll have to send me a link to your Folksy shop and I'll check it out :)

daisychain said...

I NEED scrabble for my garden.

RubarbAndCustard said...

I love your blog, Abbie!
I also *heart* board games, especially Scrabble.
You're a fan of 50's clothing, right? Well, I have just started a blog- That 50's Look-
You could check it out, if you wanted.

HazelxJoy said...

Garden scrabble... what a great idea! Love the cushions too (but OH says we have too many already - to be honest he does have a point!) And of course anything chocolate gets my vote :)

Walk this way said...

i love scrabble too! I have a scrabble ring, but omg that keyboard was so cool!

Unknown said...

I absolutely lvoe scrabble - I am addicted to playing it on my iphone. I really need chocolate scrabble in my life!

Daisy said...

Garden scrabble looks AMAZING! I wanna play! haha xxx

scrabble cheaters said...

i love playing board games..scrabble is one of my favorite game..i was taught by my mom since i was 8 years old. when i grow up i still play scrabble..i usually bring my travel scrabble with me when i go to different places