Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Home - Before and After... The Big Transformation!

There is nothing quite as exciting as moving house and making the new place your very own. In September we moved into a new place and, while it was very exciting, it needed an immense amount of hard work! We have finally got more or less everything sorted now in our cosy little flat - apart from the flooring in the bathroom. So I thought I'd share the before and after pictures with you all!

The entrance to our main living area...

The wonders of pretty wallpaper and a lick of paint!

Still awaiting flooring and the new sink to be fitter, but a darn sight better than it was!

The study, complete with messy desks!

The "lobby" area...

Our front room

Our little kitchen... Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake!

The Lobby - with Danny!


One of several musical instruments littering the flat... Couldn't quite manage to get the double bass mounted on the wall however ;)

Polka dot cupcake planter

Some of my many books... I'm no longer allowed to buy any more as we're rapidly running out of bookshelf space!

Aerial photo of Leeds

My anqtique book collection

Pretty boxes :)


Alice said...

Gorgeous home, I love seeing transformations like this. Just goes to show how a little creativity goes a long way. I absolutely adore the Audrey Hepburn picture xxx

Sophia said...

OMG Abbie I am so jealous, your new home looks so warm and cosy. I wish I could decorate my own home! :) xxx

Claire said...

It looks so lovely!!
You've really turned it into a home!