Saturday, 23 April 2011

Enjoying the Sunshine!

What glorious weather we're having!! What's the betting that this is as good as it gets now for the whole summer! Everyone had hit the beaches and parks in droves today, you've got to make the most of it while it lasts I say! I decided to take a break from uni work, essays and revision for a few hours while my little sister was down to visit. We spent the day being tourists in our own town :)

You can't beat an icy cold drink on a hot day!

The funicular railway up to the East hill

Snakelock Anemones

We stopped for some delicious ice cream at Di Pola's. The ice cream is lovingly home made and delicious, I had one scoop of zesty orange and one of chocolate and Fay had malteasers and mint choc chip...


Claire said...

The weather is amazing! It's so hot!
I had a list of things I had to do today, but me and my boyfriend decided to go for a picnic instead! I love being a tourist in your own town, there's something really sweet about it

Abbie said...

Exactly! Who wan't To Do Lists when the sun has got his hat on!? It's great, when I come back from uni I seem to appreciate my home town all the more :) Hope you had a lovely picnic! xx

Megan said...

The scenery there is so beautiful! I wish Canada were an older country and had cool tourist places like that.

The ice cream looks delicious too! yum!

Maria Fallon said...

I think being a tourist in your own town is often one of the nicest things to do, I always appreciate it more if I take the time to explore where I am living :)

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

Jealous! The weather's been HORRIBLE in Edinburgh. Like full on soaked through rain. The sun came out about an hour ago for the first time in days - it's been fog all week. Fingers crossed for a nice one tomorrow! Your day out looks lovely and the ice cream looks super yummy!