Friday, 13 May 2011

Cloth-Ears - Vintage and Retro Prettiness For Your Home!

Now there is one sure fire way to know whether I'm procrastinating... I blog a lot! And this evening is going to be filled with blogging. I've got some tedious things on my To Do List tonight. So, as part of my avoidance of tedium I discovered a lovely website: Cloth-Ears, who specialise in vintage and retro inspired homeware, gifts and novelties. There are so many things on their website that I want it's ridiculous, and the best bit is the prices are very reasonable too! They also have a great red and white polka dot design collection of goodies!

Flutters and Fancies Teacut Padded Noteboard - £14.99

Vintage Style Polka Dot Caravan Doorstop - £19.99

3 Russian Dolls Tins - £12.99

Tea Party Bunting - £8.99

Regency Cake Stand - £34.99

50's Style Pink Vacuum Flask - £12.99

72 Pink Retro Heart-Shaped Doilies- £3.99

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daisychain said...

Cloth-Ears is one of my favourite shops ever!